August 3, 2018 release notes



  • The following improvements apply to Aha! mobile:

    • The app now provides native support for iPad.

    • Photos attached via mobile are now appended with a date and timestamp.

    • When records are assigned to the product's default user, the user's name is now displayed in the assignee field.

    • When commenting on an idea, the public comment section is blue if you are not the idea's creator. If you are the idea's creator, the section is green.

  • The following improvements apply to Aha! notebooks:

    • Placement options are now dynamically disabled when they do not apply.

    • Text elements can now be transformed into hyperlinks by typing in a URL.

    • It is now possible to immediately type into a text element after selecting it.

  • Hover text has been added to the Reload configuration button on the integrations 2.0 mappings page to provide more guidance about when to use this feature.

  • When adding data to reports, the select dropdown now includes a header for the record type that you are adding and available columns are listed alphabetically.

  • The product_ID field now accepts product keys when creating users via the Users API.

  • When importing releases via CSV, it is now possible to link existing initiatives.

  • Master-detail relationship custom fields can now be imported via CSV.


  • The following fixes apply to Aha! notebooks:

    • It was possible to edit the height of a text element.

    • Images were not presenting correctly in PDF exports.

    • It was not possible to paste in a hex code for the custom color selector.

    • In some instances, orientation settings were not applied on PDF export.

    • It was not possible to upload images or edit title pages in Internet Explorer 11.

    • Text elements with multiple font sizes displayed "-" in the font size field. This field now displays the largest font size.

    • When a bulleted list was customized to be a different color, then customization was not retained as new bullets were created.

    • It is possible to copy and paste images into Aha! notebooks. However, if the Undo button was clicked after pasting in several images, some of the remaining images became broken.

  • The following fixes apply to adding data to reports:

    • Custom field internal names were incorrectly displayed.

    • In some instances, selecting data was slow for accounts with many products.

    • Removing all columns in a report and then adding new ones resulted in a blank report.

  • When adding portal users to submit-only portals, users were incorrectly warned that the portal users would be emailed.

  • When master features using custom workflows were shipped via releases, their status was not reflected properly.

  • In some instances, list reports sorted by custom fields did not sort correctly.