April 27, 2018 release notes


  • It is now possible to create workflows at the account level and have them automatically applied when you add new products and product lines.


  • User permissions have been updated so that only Product Owners can rename products via the Product Overview page. Previously, it was also possible for Contributors to rename products.

  • When text is deleted from a record's description field, the deleted text is now highlighted in red in the record's history and email notifications.

  • The Notebooks dashboard has been updated to automatically sort by date modified so that the most recently edited Notebook appears at the top of the list.

  • The search results page's left navigation has been updated to be more consistent with the recent improved header UI.

  • The release name filter has been updated to list shipped releases newest to oldest by release date.

  • It is now possible to set custom subtitles for submit-only ideas portals.


  • The following fixes apply to integrations 2.0 for Jira:

    • When a feature's "Starts on" and "Due on" dates are mapped with Jira and the values are cleared at the same time in Aha!, the mapped values were not being cleared in Jira.

    • An issue caused the Jira integration to fail to correctly determine whether or not a Jira field was required.

    • Mapping a custom users field in Aha! to a select field in Jira produced an error if either fields were left blank.

  • Colored custom fields within a pivot report displayed an undesirable font color when the field was also customized with the color by option. This has been improved so that the font color is always based on the custom field's color rather than the color by customization.

  • A field in the Salesforce integration was incorrectly labeled "Salesforce related_name" when it should have read "Salesforce related_type". This field displays when an Aha! idea is attached to an account, opportunity, or case in Salesforce.

  • When a pivot report containing a text field with a table was added to a Notebook, the table did not render properly within the Notebook's web view.

  • When linking an object in Salesforce with an existing idea, the search also returned merged ideas, which is undesirable behavior.

  • In some instances, ideas portals configured with custom terminology were not properly reflecting that customization.

  • The Configure ideas portal button was incorrectly presented to users with Viewer permissions.

  • In some instances, vertical scrolling on a list report produced a duplicate static header.