October 27, 2017 release notes



  • When exporting a Notebook to PDF, the page name in the table of contents will now include the slide number.

  • Performance has been improved when shipping a release so that releases with many features can be shipped without having to use the bulk update tool.


  • The counter on the features board was displaying an incorrect number of features; it has been corrected to display the number of features in unshipped releases in the product.

  • The Initiatives API was not permitting the retrieval of initiatives.

  • When updating the releases roadmap to display a custom date range, a warning is displayed if start/end dates prevent some releases from being displayed. This warning was not dismissing.

  • When navigating to the features details page, the next release was displayed by default. However, for products with no active releases, the product's very first release was displayed. This has been updated to now display the product's parking lot.

  • Some pivot table configurations were incorrectly aggregating data when listing unique records.

  • Master feature board views were breaking in Notebooks when users switched their features board back to features.