October 20, 2017 release notes



  • Product names are no longer cut off when they exceed a certain number of characters on the starter roadmap or portfolio roadmap. Now the full product name is displayed and the corresponding bars representing data on the timeline are centered in the top of the row.

  • We drastically improved the efficiency of opening the modal to link a feature to a master feature.

  • Clicking on the product name from the starter roadmap now opens the product detail drawer.

  • We now retry SSL certificate generation and renewal more aggressively to help avoid sporadic failures for any ideas portal using a CNAME.


  • Chinese character auto-responses to idea-created notifications were getting added as comments instead of being filtered out in some cases.

  • Attempting to retrieve custom table record links via API would display an error in some cases. A new field has been added to the custom table records API endpoint that provides record links for each custom table record.

  • Image attachments added to an idea portal subtitle were not displaying in the idea portal in some cases.

  • Custom tag fields were not ordering correctly when sorted as pivot report columns.

  • The search field and search results were persisting in view after a record was selected from the results.

  • Feature tags with non-UTF-8 characters were throwing an error when synced with Rally.