March 24, 2017 release notes


  • Release phase is now an available field when customizing the look and feel of feature cards.

  • You can now report on individual scorecard metrics for custom field scorecards added to requirements and goals. The new columns are available as part of a Scorecard metrics group found in the Requirement and Goal tables in the Add New Column modal.

  • The JIRA integration which allows for mapping the Aha! Users field custom field type with the JIRA custom field type User picker has been updated to also look for users based on their full name if the email address is not available. For this to work the full name of the user in Aha! must exactly match the name in JIRA. The full name is <first name <space <last name .

  • When using the Update JIRA option found in the feature drawer Actions menu for an existing feature linked to a JIRA issue, requirements for that feature will no longer be included as part of the update. This change helps performance since requirement changes are sent to JIRA automatically and immediately so updating each requirement as part of this feature action was a redundant operation.

  • Performance improvements have been made to the Export users process accessed in Settings - Account - Users. Exported values remain the same and include First Name, Last Name, Email, Last Active, Added (date), Added by, Using SSO, Paid Seat, Seat in Use, whether they have admin rights and user roles by product line and product. The performance benefit will be most noticeable for accounts with a large number of users (100's - 1000's) where the query would occasionally time out.


  • Notebooks that were being exported to PDF were rendering with blank pages.

  • The enabled column was being ignored when importing idea portal users from a CSV file.

  • The file integration with Box hit a default display limit of 100 files max per folder.

  • The sort order of custom fields when editing an existing idea in the idea portal were not being displayed in the proper sequence as specified in the Idea forms layout.