August 18, 2017 release notes


  • Report headers are now fixed for feature and idea list views as well as list table reports when scrolling. This makes it possible to view long lists of records without losing track of what field you are viewing in each column.

  • Saved report views can now be deleted through the edit menu directly on the view. Just click on the Edit dropdown and select Delete view.


  • When a case with attachments from the integration is used to create a new idea, those attachments are now added to the idea by default. Users can also choose to remove the attachments if preferred.

  • When viewing My Work, clicking on a record associated with a to-do now opens in the detail drawer instead of navigating away from the current page.

  • Features can now be associated with master features via API or on import from CSV by including the master feature record's unique ID.

  • You can now disassociate ideas from the features, master features, or initiatives they were previously promoted to via API.


  • Logged time records from integrations were getting duplicated in some cases.

  • Feature updates from the Github issues integration were updating the wrong issues in some rare cases. This was caused because the web hook was not being filtered to the specific Github repository due to Github not using unique issue numbers across repositories.

  • Release filters on the feature roadmap were ignored because of the Choose releases dropdown. We now honor both so that users can filter by additional release fields.

  • Custom table field links were not displaying in the features roadmap when selected to be visible.

  • When syncing from the JIRA integration, code formatting was getting stripped out of note text fields. This was over-writing the description field when updated back into JIRA. However, it is now supported.

  • Text fields were not wrapping in the hierarchy report making it difficult to read the report when certain fields like Comments were added to a column.

  • For newly created to-do records, default sort of Assignee field values was not displaying in alphabetical order.