August 11, 2017 release notes


  • Custom roadmap and pivot tables can now be sorted by any related table field included in the report. You can sort your reports by first opening the “Select Data” modal and select the sort icon to choose what data across rows, columns, or cells you would like to sort by. You can even sort on related data that isn't displayed in the report.

  • Releases can now be associated with initiatives in product or product line. Users must have view access to the product or product line in order for it to display in the initiative dropdown for selection.

  • Workflow status change times can now be returned via the API.


  • Users can now clone existing custom field layouts to have a starting point for a new custom field layout. To clone, navigate to your layouts from Settings- Account- Custom field layouts. Hover to the right of the layout you want to start with under the Actions column and select Clone. A new duplicate layout will be created with the same name prepended with "[Copy]" for you to edit and assign to products.

  • Merged ideas now sum the idea votes from a single user if the idea portal configuration supports multiple votes per user. If the sum exceeds the max number of votes per idea, the number of votes over the max will be removed from the idea and will return back to the user.

  • Emails can no longer be edited for SSO users. Each time the user logs in the name and email are reset to the value in the identity provider, so allowing them to be edited was misleading.


  • A single idea record could be linked multiple times to a single opportunity record through the Salesforce integration.

  • Phases created from release templates showed incorrect progress in the bar indicator on the release report and overview when to-do's without assignees were included.

  • User permission settings were getting reset to "None" for remaining products in the product line when a lower level product permission was selected.