April 7, 2017 release notes


  • The Reports - Hierarchy view now includes the option to display status information for your goals, initiatives, releases, and features in a unified view of how your teams are progressing on their product plans. Click on the settings icon at the top of each column to show or hide status on that column.

  • The following master feature updates were rolled out this week:

    • The Import from CSV utility has been updated to include master features. They will only appear in the "Choose the type of records your importing" dropdown if master features have been enabled for the product selected in the product dropdown. Likewise, available releases will be limited to only releases for products that have master features enabled.

    • The option to convert a feature to a master feature in the drawer Actions menu will no longer be an available option if master features are not enabled for that product.

    • Converting a master feature to an initiative or an initiative to a master feature will now copy custom fields to the other data element as long as the custom field is available in both elements and the following conditions are present:

      • Both custom fields are the same custom field type

      • Both custom fields have the identical key name

      • Both custom fields have the same list of values if it is one of the pre-defined values custom field types

      • Both custom fields have the fields visible on their custom field layouts

    • Copying a feature through the Actions - Copy this feature menu will now copy the master feature link if one is present in the source feature.

  • The REST API has been updated so that you can now retrieve the external release date which is commonly used to communicate with customers, sales, partners and other stakeholders where you want to set realistic expectations.


  • The option to unsubscribe from all email notifications found in Settings - Personal - Notifications was not working.

  • Filters were not working properly in certain circumstances when applied to analytic reports and roadmaps accessed through Related views.

  • A display issue on the Strategy - Diagram view in IE11 was obstructing the navigation menu.

  • Attaching an image to a new comment was not retaining the attached image.

  • Numbers for new releases, features, ideas, and comments were being cutoff in the weekly roadmapping digest email.

  • Notebooks taking longer than 5 seconds to load weren't rendering properly.

  • Test emails from the Settings - Configure idea portals - [select portal] - Email branding tab were not being sent.

  • Attachments added to new features in the Create Feature modal were not being uploaded on creation.

  • Feature Start on and Due on dates coming back from the Rally integration were sometimes off by one day.