July 22, 2016 release notes


  • Product Owners and Contributors can now customize the labels and axis on the Strategy Goals and Strategy Initiatives charts. This allows for customizing how you would like to visualize and compare strategic elements. Just click on the existing default labels and axis values and type in the new value. The new values are available for reporting in the Goal and Initiative reporting tables under the Goal chart metrics and Initiative chart metrics column headers.


  • Users that are Product Owners or Contributors can now move ideas to products they only have Reviewer or Viewer access to. This provides consistency between features and ideas and allows for handing work between teams when there are no users on either team that have Product Owner or Contributor rights to the other team's product.

  • The Rally integration has been updated so if the Development started date is null, it will automatically set the ReleaseStartDate in Rally to the release date rather than throw an error message.

  • A new reporting field called Days to release has been added to the Release reporting table. This provides visibility into how many days until the release is scheduled to ship and will highlight when releases are past their due date as the field will be displayed in red with a negative value.

  • When you have a product line selected in the product dropdown and navigate to the Releases Details page, the first in-progress master release will be selected. Previously, the oldest master release was selected.


  • Filter display options are now limited to displaying a max of 500 values to prevent potential performance problems and system freezing which was occurring on IE11 for really large filter sets. Filter searches will continue to go against all values.

  • A fix was issued for the Releases Details page where adding multiple to-dos would close the release drawer page.

  • When a comment is created in Jira by replying to an Aha! email notification and the Jira account is configured such that new comments are sent to Jira, an error is being thrown and the new comment is not sent to Jira. This has been corrected.

  • Record lists are now returned in strict order from the API. Previously, the API would return lists in an inconsistent order which resulted in pagination issues and the risk of the same record being returned on more than one page of results.