July 15, 2016 release notes


  • Searchable filters are now available making it easier for users to find the exact information they are looking for. This becomes particularly valuable as your Aha! implementation grows and includes more products, releases, features, ideas, and users. It uses typeahead capability to quickly narrow down the search result set to find the value you are looking for.


  • Clicking on a status in the Ideas - Overview pie chart or on the status name displayed to the right of the pie chart will now redirect you to a filtered list of those ideas in the Ideas - List view.

  • It is now possible to copy to-dos. The copy function is found in the To-do Actions menu. Information that is copied includes the Title, Description, and Assignee. The Due date field is not copied.

  • A new filter option for To-dos has been added called To-do created to allow for filtering of To-dos created during a specified time frame. This filter is automatically added to the to-dos example pivot report "To-do status" with a default value of "This month".

  • The Publish Anything as a Notebook section in the Notebooks tab can now be collapsed at the users discretion to make the list of Your Notebooks more visible when accessing this page.

  • Idea Portal users who do not specify a name upon registering will now be listed as "Guest". Previously, part of a users email address was displayed which was deemed undesirable. Users of a portal can set their name at any time by clicking on Edit profile.

  • You can now delete images added to personas. Previously, you could change an image but you could not delete an image once one was added.

  • Performance improvements were made to the Strategy - Roadmap view when displaying a large number of initiatives.


  • A change to JIRA with the intent of improved styling for the rendering of links to issues in descriptions resulted in the JIRA integration no longer sending the issue description to Aha! This required a change where Aha! will now represent JIRA issues as straight text to resolve the problem.

  • The selected feature card would not stick in the Features - Details view. This has been corrected.