August 5, 2016 release notes


  • The getting started experience for new users added to a paid account has been revamped to provide a product introduction to help them get started with their Aha! user experience. The user interface for this is called the Welcome Center and is very similar to the Trial Center experience available to new users in a trial account. Here are some of the highlights and features to help new users get rolling with Aha!

    • Upon first logging in, new users will be taken to the Welcome Center page. This will appear as a blue banner across all pages.

    • The Welcome Center provides guided interactive tours to teach users about setup and best practices for different modules in the application. Guided tours are provided for the following: Overview, Manage features, Create releases, Build roadmap, Add strategy, Capture ideas, Build reports, Share notebooks, Manage users, and Customize account.

    • The Welcome Center is designed to work in conjunction with the Fredwin Software demo environment that is optionally installed during the process of setting up a trial account. It can also be manually added at any time by going to Settings - Account - Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Create Demo Product button.

    • The Welcome Center banner can be closed at any time similar to system broadcast messages.

    • The Welcome Center can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Help dropdown.

  • A new How Aha! Works page has been added to the online help to also assist users with the onboarding process. You can visualize the entire workflow and relationships between data objects. You can click on items in the interactive page for an overview of how they are used and can also be guided directly to that page in the application for a chosen product.


  • The main product navigation menu has undergone significant user experience improvements that will be extra valuable for customers that have large product hierarchies. The update includes the following improvements:

    • Display the 3 most recent product selections at the top for accounts with 10 or more products

    • Collapse and expand different branches of the hierarchy by product line

    • Collapse and expand settings are retained between sessions

    • Search for products by name

  • The Add to Notebook button has been renamed Export. This new name is more intuitive for identifying where to go on a page to export the data using any of the three options for each view which include Save as image, Save as PDF, and Add to Notebook. This is also where you'll find the Export to CSV option for the Features - List, Reports - List, and Ideas - List views.

  • The Home - My work view has been updated to include Parking lot features. The Summary tab now includes parking lot categories in the Release dropdown. The List tab view includes a Show parking lot releases checkbox in the View button selection criteria.

  • The Release dropdown in the Home - My work view has been updated to include the new typeahead capability to quickly narrow down the search result set to find the release filter you are looking for.

  • The filter dropdown for Idea categories has been improved to now display them in a hierarchical fashion by product. This will help to eliminate confusion when you have some shared category names that go across products. Additionally, checking a parent category will auto-check all child categories.

  • It is now once again possible to convert a feature that is linked to a JIRA issue to be a requirement using the Convert to requirement option in the feature Actions menu. A change was implemented to prevent this conversion due to a data integrity concern. However, the data integrity issue has been isolated to converting features linked to a JIRA issue to an Initiative. This action is still prevented.

  • Story points are now treated as numeric values which allow for them to be charted in the Reports - Charts view.

  • Search fields have been standardized throughout the application to provide for a consistent user experience.

  • Aha! uses Google to generate previews of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF documents. The document is only sent to Google to be converted to a preview when it is viewed. However, this may be viewed as a security concern for some so you now have the option to disable previews. The Document previewer control settings are found in Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on and allow you to enable or disable document previews. Enable is the default setting.

  • Files attached from Dropbox are now previewed using the Dropbox preview API instead of the Google Docs viewer.


  • The Parking lot checkbox option has been removed from the Releases - Actions menu for master releases so they can no longer be converted to parking lot releases. This was not intended behavior and when it was checked, it produced undesirable results.

  • The Ideas - List view was not displaying custom tables when adding a new column. This has been corrected.