August 12, 2022 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop

You can now right-click on epics, features, and requirements to see a range of useful actions — such as assigning work, updating status, and moving items.

Use new right-click menus in Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps


  • We have made two small UI improvements for whiteboards. Use the Escape key to deselect whiteboard objects. To deselect the Pan toggle, click on it a second time.

  • If you have selected multiple features on the features board and use the new right-click shortcut to delete them while one of the feature's drawers is open, that feature's drawer will close when the feature is deleted.

  • Aha! Develop users can now register extension event handlers to listen for when a feature's type changes.

  • Aha! Ideas customers using the Advanced plan will no longer be able to delete organizations that have associated proxy votes through the API. To delete an organization, you will need to delete its proxy votes first.