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Open source

Aha! is passionate about giving back to the development community via open source. Here are a few of our favorite projects.


eqn is a Ruby gem that allows safe evaluation of mathematical equation strings. Written using the Treetop parser generator to ensure consistent adherence to the equation grammar.


calculated_attributes is a Ruby on Rails gem to allow definition of accessory select SQL queries which are automatically executed and added to the relevant ActiveRecord model instance.


netlify-flexsearch provides a set of tools for implementing search for static sites hosted on Netlify, powered by FlexSearch and Netlify functions.


collaborative-demo is a full example of a collaborative text editor written in Rails and JavaScript.


rendered-multi-select is a JavaScript control for selecting multiple elements (like tags). The control is server-rendered to prevent flickering on pageload.


getting_started_balloons is a Ruby on Rails gem for displaying popup balloons to show "getting started" tips.