Aha! Roadmaps | Notifications overview

Need to know exactly what changed on your roadmap and when? This video shows you how to control where you want to view those updates — through in-app, email, or desktop notifications.

You will also learn how to add teammates as watchers so they too can get real-time notifications to stay up-to-date as records change, including goals, initiatives, releases, and features. Plus, keep track of collaboration and progress with notifications on comments, to-dos, and approvals.

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Hi, this is Claire from Aha! Today, we're going to review notifications in Aha!

It's critically important for product teams to stay informed when new information is added to your roadmap or work is completed, so you can keep your plans on track. That is why Aha! provides real-time notifications on any record you are watching or participating in, including goals, initiatives, releases, and features without taking you away from your most meaningful work.

You can control where you want to view those updates through in-app or desktop notifications or via email. Let's take a look at how you can receive, view, and manage updates.

Receive notifications

Notifications are sent whenever a change is made to a record or a comment is added. To receive notifications, you must be either a watcher or participant on a record. You become a watcher when you create a record.

In this example, Mike created a feature. You can see he is automatically added as a watcher. You can also add more watchers. This is a great way to keep teammates informed of progress, even if they're not directly involved in doing the work.

You can easily remove yourself and others from the watcher list at any time. Participants also receive automatic updates. This includes the person who a record is assigned to or anyone who adds a comment.

Notifications can be inherited. For example, if you are a watcher on a release, then you'll automatically be a watcher on every feature in that release. This includes any new features that are created. So you never miss an important update.

Review notifications

Now that you're receiving notifications, let's go and check them. You will see an orange dot next to your profile whenever you have unread notifications. Hover over your profile picture and select Notifications from the dropdown menu.

The Notifications page helps you quickly catch up with any changes. You will instantly see a list of your most recent unread notifications first. You can also refer back to any previously read notifications.

  • Select the star icon to add a notification to your Favorites list. This is a useful way to mark notifications for later action.

  • You can filter your notifications by workspace or record type so you can quickly narrow in on updates that matter to you most.

  • Once you have viewed a notification, mark it as read.

  • You can also click the Mark all read button at the top of the page to easily clear all unread notifications.

You can also enable desktop notifications. This keeps you instantly informed of updates while you have an Aha! tab open in your browser — even while you're not actively working in the application. Clicking on an alert immediately opens the notification so you can respond.

Finally, you can set your email preferences to receive updates in your inbox. In-app and email notifications are designed to work together. You will only receive email notifications for updates that you have not yet viewed in the Aha! application. And any updates you open from an email will automatically mark the in-app notification as read.

Customize notification preferences

Now that we've talked all the ways you can view notifications in Aha!, let's dive into how to customize your notifications preferences so you can stay informed on the changes that are most important to you.

Under your Personal settings, you will find a Notification preferences page. Here, you can control how you want to receive updates for each workspace and the frequency. If you don't want to receive any notifications, you can also choose to turn them off.

If you need help viewing and managing notifications in Aha!, use the question mark in your account. Get started today with a free 30-day trial or join one of our live weekly demos. Our Customer Success teammates are all product experts and we're excited to help you keep moving your brilliant plans forward.