January 10, 2020 release notes


This week, we launched four new workspaces for Aha! — prebuilt for IT, project, services, and business operations teams. No matter what your team builds or manages, there is now a special place in Aha! for you.

Support - January 10, 2020 release notes - inline image


  • We have created a way for you to manage all your integrations from one page. Click the Manage button next to Settings ⚙️ Account Integrations or Settings ⚙️ Workspace Integrations to see a prebuilt list report, showing you relevant details about your integrations. You can filter, sort, edit, save, and share this report just like you can with any list report.

  • If Jira does not supply a user’s email address in the integration webhook or API, Aha! will now display an error message showing you how to fix the issue or disable the field mapping.

  • The Aha! API will now return all record links for a given record, not just linked records of the same record type. Note: You will have to specify that you want the record_links field returned since it won't come by default.

  • You can now set the vote allocation for an ideas portal user via the Aha! API.

  • You can now rank cards in the Features Workflow and Initiatives Workflow boards within each status and swimlane. The order you set will apply globally to all users who view the workflow board.

  • We have added two new functions for use in custom worksheets and calculation columns: numberformat and numberordinal.

    • Use numberformat to customize the format of numbers in your equation, including the number of decimal places you would like displayed and whether to include thousands separators.

    • Use numberordinal to display a number in ordinal format (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.).