May 31, 2019 release notes


  • Custom note fields have been improved with real-time collaborative editing. Multiple users can now simultaneously edit custom note fields and interact with the edits of their teammates.

  • The Aha! text editor has been improved with better results for text that is pasted from Microsoft Word documents. This includes improved results for lists, tables, highlighting, and text alignment.

  • Our development tool integrations have been improved. Aha! will now prioritize Set once mappings over One-way and Two-way mappings when more than one mapping is made to the same field in the development system. This is especially valuable for customers who send records from Aha! to their development system with a constant value and would like the field in Aha! to stay updated if it changes in the development system.

  • The Aha! notebook web publication button has been renamed to properly articulate the secure nature of Aha! web notebooks.

    • Publish to web has been renamed to Generate secure webpage.

    • Open shareable link has been renamed to Open secure webpage.

    • Publish updates has been renamed to Update secure webpage.


  • An issue with the Azure DevOps integration was causing work items to not create properly when the State field in Azure DevOps was set to a value other than New.

  • An issue with the starter roadmap was preventing some users from removing features from release phases.