March 22, 2019 release notes


This week, we have introduced new options to the portfolio roadmap that help you more clearly demonstrate strategic progress across multiple products and workspaces. The new customization options include coloring bars by status, which will update the roadmap to show the workflow status color for releases and schedules. Also included is an option for using external release dates.


  • Custom note fields have been improved with new options for adding and editing text. These new options include highlighted text, font color options, pasting images inline, checklists, rich text formatting, and more.

  • Custom worksheet fields have been improved with bold text on headers to help you differentiate between headers and data on the worksheet.

  • Analytics reports have been improved with the ability to add master features as a related record type when ideas are the primary record type.

  • The following enhancements have been made to calculation columns in list reports:

    • Equations can now evaluate values in pre-defined and editable choice list custom fields.

    • Incompatible data columns are now presented in the equation builder.

    • The equation builder’s error state has been improved so that it is more obvious when an equation is invalid.

    • You can now format calculated date columns with Month D, YYYY and Mon D, YYYY formats.

    • When a column referenced in an equation is renamed, the equation will now automatically update.