March 1, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability for customers that integrate with Jira or Rally to keep master features, features, and requirements synced when records move to different products and development projects. Records will now remain synced as you:

  • Move records from one project to another in your development system

  • Move records from one product to another in Aha!

  • Send parent records from Aha! to your development system that have associated child records which move to new projects

A handful of prerequisites must be met to begin using this enhancement. To see a complete list of use cases and prerequisites, check out our support article on moving records with Jira or Rally.


  • Bulk edit has been improved with the ability to edit custom table fields which have a field type of many to many relationship.

  • The Jira integration (2.0) has been improved with the ability to send and receive text with font colors and highlighted font colors.


  • An issue with the Create feature form was causing new requirement descriptions to appear in feature descriptions when the release was changed on the create feature form.

  • An issue with the Integration updates modal window was preventing users from seeing accurate import error descriptions in the hover text.