June 14, 2019 release notes

This week, we added the ability to sync your Aha! to-dos and calendar reports to your favorite external calendar app. You can ensure that important dates and to-dos are top of mind in the same place you plan your day — your calendar.


  • Aha! scorecards have been improved so that the default score for newly created records is calculated using the minimum allowed value for each metric in the equation, instead of a default of zero.

  • Idea voters’ email domains are now available for use in calculation columns.


  • An issue with persona profile fields was causing the top row of fields to display incorrectly if they had HTML styling applied.

  • An issue with custom note fields was causing incorrect text styles to display across personas and competitor profiles.

  • An issue with the Features Workflow view was blocking views from saving.

  • An issue with the Azure DevOps 2.0 integration was causing new work items to fail with different workflows.