January 25, 2019 release notes


This week we launched a new product — Aha! for Marketing. It is the new way for marketing teams to set strategy, build visual marketing plans, and report on program results.

When you enable Aha! for Marketing in your existing account, you get access to marketing workspaces designed to help teams launch breakthrough campaigns. Key features of Aha! for Marketing include creative briefs, calendars, and a robust integration with Google Analytics.

The most value comes when teams work together. So bring your product and marketing teams together to create integrated product and marketing launch plans. Invite your marketing team to create a marketing workspace in your existing account today!


  • The icon used for requirement estimates has been updated to match the clock icon that appears for feature estimates.

  • Error messaging has been improved for unauthorized users. When a user attempts to access functionality that they do not have adequate permissions to use, they will receive a message saying: “You are not allowed to do that. Your role includes: [list of relevant permissions].”

  • A new pencil icon in the navigation bar allows owners to quickly customize primary and secondary navigation across the account. This change was accompanied by navigation bar changes that were announced in a notice posted the week prior to the update.

  • The Add idea category modal has been improved with a Click here to add another option to reduce the number of actions required when creating an ideas portal.


  • The user permissions bulk edit tool was not removing access to parent records when users chose None while bulk editing product line permissions.

  • Private ideas were not being included in the summary counts for ideas portals.

  • Ideas that had their visibility set to Visible to employees and partners were not being included in the summary counts for ideas portals.