February 8, 2019 release notes


This week, we introduced custom worksheets fields to help customers set budgets and track financial performance on their products. Custom worksheets help you make more informed decisions by bringing key financial and product data together.

Custom worksheet fields offer the ability to display, calculate, and report on key budget and performance data using a wide range of functions and operators.


  • New reference IDs have been added for goals and initiatives. The new IDs will appear on goal and initiative cards, in the details drawer, and on the details view. The format for these reference IDs will be:

    • Goals: APP-G-123

    • Initiatives: APP-S-123

  • The ability to clone Aha! scorecards has been added to speed up the process for duplicating them. The new action is available at Settings Account Configure Scorecards Clone.

  • The dependency report has been improved with the ability to add columns to dependent records from multiple levels of linked record types. Prior to this change, dependent records could only include data from a single linked record type.

  • The features roadmap has been improved with the ability to display custom fields in the order that they appear in the custom layout.

  • Scorecard values for ideas were inconsistently named "Aha! score" and "Idea score" in various places throughout the application. The names of these scores have been updated to Idea score.

  • The bulk edit tool has been improved with two new capabilities. You can now bulk edit:

  • The custom table option that appears in the Product navigation dropdown is now enabled by default when an account uses a custom table.

  • The Aha! REST API now supports the ability to edit comments.

  • The GitHub integration (2.0) has been improved to support form encoding in addition to the already supported JSON encoding option.


  • In some instances, a display issue with the Account Settings Security and single sign-on page was causing notebook security options to appear in both the Enhanced notebook security and Single sign-on sections.

  • An issue with the Aha! REST API was causing empty records to be created when users submitted requests that included invalid keys.

  • The Aha! REST API now restricts users from creating or updating a record with values from custom tables that are not associated with the record.

  • In some instances, an issue was preventing the Releases Details page from loading properly.

  • An issue with the Strategy Goals Add to notebook action was causing the final goal to be partially cut off on notebook slides.

  • An issue with custom scorecard fields was preventing users from changing from one scoring system to another.