October 5, 2018 release notes


  • Aha! mobile is now available for Android™. The mobile app lets you view, edit, and add records from your device.

    • Aha! mobile is free to download for Aha! customers on any plan type. It is compatible with both iOS 10 and higher and Android Nougat 7.0 and higher. You can download and install the Aha! app for your device here:


  • Several improvements have been made to Aha! notebooks:

    • The Go to view link has been changed to an Edit view button. When selected, the view will be opened in a new tab.

    • The cursor states for embedded views has been improved to better indicate that they are clickable.

  • The Add data to report modal has been enhanced so that when a record or child record is selected, the record's name is automatically selected as well.

  • It is now possible to report on the month and year that ideas were voted on via the new Vote created month and Vote created year fields.

  • Instant search has been added to the Product Notes page and can be used to search all notes within that product.

  • It is now possible to remove manually logged work from master features via the time tracking history option.

  • The Feature search filter has been renamed to Feature name search to help clarify how the filter works.

  • On pivot reports, workflow status changed filters now use the current user's time zone.

  • It is now possible to sync a feature's master feature as a field mapping in integrations 2.0.


  • When a browser bookmark was used to access a specific product, the Integration updates modal may not have correctly recognized the selected product.

  • An unhelpful error message displayed when an incorrect subdomain URL was provided during integration setup for Microsoft VSTS.

  • The features board was not allowing ⌘(command) + click to select multiple features at once.

  • In some instances, spaces between words disappeared when exporting to CSV and Excel.

  • Idea endorsements and integration field mappings were not included in account backups.

  • The popup menu for records displayed incorrectly on the starter roadmap.

  • The diagram report was not updating when new filters were applied.