November 9, 2018 release notes


  • Two new related views have been added for customers who are using Aha! for ideas management. The new reports show trends for ideas and idea categories based on the date votes were submitted, which offers new insight when managing high volumes of ideas and votes. The new reports are Column chart: Trending idea categories and Pivot table: Trending ideas.


  • The Aha! activity webhook has been enhanced to send events for changes to custom field values.

  • The product overview page has been enhanced to open the product line drawer when you click on the product line link. This behavior is also present when you click on the product name link in the release drawer. Prior to this enhancement, users were brought to a new page.

  • The behavior of the Access for Aha! users setting (Account Settings Configure idea portals SSO) has been updated for customers who use a public ideas portal with SSO (see SAML and JWT). If you enable this setting, users will be prompted for their email address when logging in via buttons and links in any public ideas portal before being redirected to your identity provider. If the email address entered belongs to an Aha! user, they will be directed to log in via Aha! instead of being redirected to the identity provider. If you disable this setting, users will not be prompted for their email address before being redirected to your identity provider.


  • In some situations, the burn-down chart miscalculated effort when a feature's release and estimate were edited at the same time (for example, during bulk edit).

  • In some instances, custom roadmaps were not properly wrapping visual roadmap bars when zooming in the browser or scaling a view in an Aha! notebook.

  • Pivot reports were not wrapping row headers when the Allow table cells to wrap setting was enabled.

  • The text editor has been updated to resolve an issue where deleting a sub-bullet caused the subsequent bullets to lose their formatting.

  • When importing new records from Trello, attachments did not import when attachments were mapped.

  • When generating list reports that contain ideas, the example ideas workflow was appearing in the idea status filters when a product line was selected.