November 30, 2018 release notes


  • Master features are now visible on the features board when you customize your feature cards to show the master feature name. To customize your feature cards, navigate to the feature board (or workflow board) and click the Customize card icon, then choose Show master features.

  • Report filters can now be locked on shared reports. This is perfect for situations where you only want your audience to see a specific dataset. To lock a filter, simply right-click the filter and choose lock or unlock.


  • An issue with integrations 2.0 was corrected to more smoothly handle deleted comments in Aha! on integrated records.

  • In some instances, an issue with integrations 2.0 prevented external updates due to unnecessary field requirements.

  • Desktop notifications were not being sent successfully on Chrome and Firefox.

  • An issue with the features roadmap was preventing users from adding releases from the releases filter.

  • An issue with custom terminology was causing some terms to be misapplied on the bulk edit screen.

  • An issue with the TFS/VSTS integration (2.0) was preventing users from setting up an integration when work item types were set up without state transitions in TFS/VSTS.