May 4, 2018 release notes



  • Features and master features can now link initiatives inline, reducing the number of steps previously required to link initiatives.

  • Users with Reviewer permissions can now edit ideas they created within Aha!

  • An Aha! status page for all services is now available.

  • Multiple Salesforce integrations can now be configured for an account.


  • When a product was configured to estimate by story points, the Work done and Remaining estimate fields were removed as mappable options in integrations 2.0. These fields are now mappable in the configuration.

  • To-do notifications have been enhanced so that, when a to-do is updated, the subject line appropriately reflects that an update was made. Previously, it read "completed" rather than "updated."

  • When a pivot report containing the Roll up to goal field was exported to Excel, an error occurred in the export.

  • Pagination controls on the Product Files page were not working.

  • Tool tip help text was not presenting correctly on some pages.