March 2, 2018 release notes



  • An initiative's master features are now returned in the GET Initiatives API call response.

  • The Reauthenticate button has been disabled for 2.0 integrations that are using a template's authentication credentials.

  • When hovering over user profiles in comments, the cursor has been updated to indicate this is a clickable button.

  • List and pivot reports can now be sorted by goal status.

  • A release's goals are now retrievable via the Releases API.


  • When an issue is created in GitHub, it defaults to "Open." An issue caused unmapped statuses in Aha! to be updated when a new issue was created in GitHub.

  • An error allowed users to update their Aha! domain to an invalid name; the Account profile page has been updated to validate domain availability before saving changes.

  • Comment notifications were duplicated in digest emails, appearing in both instant notification emails and hourly digest notification emails.

  • When mapping Jira priority fields to an Aha! custom field, the Jira priority fields appeared as "null" on the integration mapping configuration screen.

  • When mapping Jira select lists to Aha! tags fields with integrations 2.0, the tags displayed a number rather than the display name value in Jira.

  • When sorting master features by initiatives on the feature details page, an initiatives list was displayed rather than master features cards.

  • New Premium plan users were able to provision themselves via SSO even when there was not an available seat.

  • The Roll up to initiative field was not correctly sorting by name in pivot tables.

  • Archived timeframes were not displaying on the Initiatives detail page.

  • Aha! report legends were not sorting alphabetically by text value.

  • Security patches were applied to SAML libraries.