March 16, 2018 release notes


  • Integrations 2.0 import process has been improved for scenarios where multiple products are integrated with a single Jira project.

    • For records that could import to multiple integrations, the import window is now consolidated with a dropdown that allows selecting which integration to import to. Previously, these were presented as multiple separate import candidates. Selecting one removes the others to prevent duplicate Aha! records.

    • Multiple import candidates no longer appear for child records of already synced parents; a single import candidate is now displayed.

  • Comments added to features via an integration now include the integration name in email notifications.

  • The UserVoice idea import process now supports UserVoice's updated API requirements.

  • It is now possible to filter on the Feature last active on data field.

  • Capacity planning now supports decimal values in estimates.


  • With custom fields, it is possible to create an Aha! record relationship features field that embeds other feature names within a record; an issue with this capability prevented the field from being updated when a feature's name changed.

  • The workflow list presented on the Configure feature types, statuses, and workflows page did not appropriately update when a workflow was configured for a product's master features.

  • An error caused pivot reports cell values containing dates to display incorrectly when the cell value configuration was set to use the Max Value setting.

  • Users experienced an error when a requirement moved from one feature to another and both features were synced with TFS/VSTS.

  • An issue with Atlassian's marketplace prevented users from installing the Aha! add-on used for the Jira via Connect integration.

  • The releases roadmap was not correctly presenting a Save button when changes were made.

  • The date picker icon on the ship release modal was not allowing users to select a date.

  • Improved error messaging when a TFS/VSTS integration does not have an area set.

  • Users with many releases experienced an issue loading the portfolio roadmap.

  • Custom note field titles were not properly aligned when used in requirements.

  • An error prevented users from editing tags connected to many features.

  • For some users, unlinking an idea in Salesforce did not unlink it in Aha!

  • List report record counts were not updating when a filter was applied.

  • An error prevented tasks from being assigned via the Tasks API.

  • An error prevented saved pivot reports from being deleted.