January 26, 2018 release notes


  • Ideas portal users can now one-click unsubscribe portal email notifications.

  • When moving a Note from one product to another, the product is now presented within the context of its hierarchy and can be searched for as well.

  • Broadcasts are sorted so that enabled ones appear at the top of the list. This sorting has been enhanced so that recently edited broadcasts appear underneath active ones.

  • General improvements have been made to the way integrations 2.0 logs errors.


  • Due to a recent change from Atlassian, Jira 1.0 and 2.0 integrations stopped receiving webhook notifications for comment events, and Aha! records synced with Jira Cloud no longer received comment updates from Jira. An update was made in Aha! to support this recent change from Atlassian, but additional updates are required in Jira so that Aha! can receive comment webhook notifications.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Rally experienced an issue loading all custom fields for portfolios containing many custom fields.

  • When integrations 2.0 for Jira had been configured to sync a feature's initiative in Aha! to a custom field in Jira, two issues occurred: (i) a numerical initiative ID was synced with Jira rather than the initiative's name, and (ii) features without initiatives failed to sync with Jira.

  • When a roadmap's calendar settings were configured to "Set Automatically," the timeline incorrectly calculated the end date, which truncated some of the roadmap's visuals.

  • An empty row was presented at the bottom of starter roadmaps shared within Notebooks.

  • An idea's "Merge" button became disabled after clicking "Undo Merge."

  • Idea categories sort alphabetically, but an issue caused camel-cased categories (i.e. ProDuct) to sort before others.

  • If an ideas portal was iframed into other sites, it experienced an issue loading in Firefox.

  • When creating a pivot table using custom table data in the Columns section, the columns were duplicated even if the data was identical (i.e. Q1, Q1, etc.); this has been updated so that identical data is consolidated into a single column.

  • When exporting the starter roadmap to an image, the timeline appeared blank.

  • Creating a custom table without any data caused an error.

  • The calendar report experienced an issue in Firefox 58 that caused rows to be displayed incorrectly.

  • In account settings, it is possible to customize an ideas portal's email templates and the "Save and send test" button allows users to test the emails prior to saving their changes; an error prevented this button from sending a test message.