December 7, 2018 release notes


  • You can now automatically import child records from your development system into Aha! without having to approve them. Previously, when integrating Aha! with Jira, Rally, VSTS or TFS, GitHub, Trello, or Asana, records created in the other system(s) gathered in the integrations updates queue. The new integration setting lets you automatically import child records of initiatives, releases, master features, and features that are linked between systems.


  • A new Active sprint field has been added for customers using the Jira integration (2.0), which will show only the current sprint.

  • Help text for setting up an integration with Microsoft VSTS has been updated to reflect the new subdomain structure for the rebranding of VSTS (now called Microsoft Azure DevOps).

  • New log messages have been added for integrations (1.0 and 2.0) to inform users when webhooks don't execute due to removal of the designated webhook run as user. These logs appear in the Log messages modal in integration settings.


  • An issue on the user permissions page was causing the product user role filter to incorrectly display results when a value of none was selected.

  • In some instances, an issue with integrations (2.0) was causing record statuses to not update after new records were sent to integrated development systems.

  • In some instances, an ideas portal issue was causing logged-in portal users to get improperly logged out when commenting or voting on ideas in private portals.

  • An issue with small screen sizes was causing multiple scrollbars to appear on the Edit user modal.

  • In some situations, an issue with user permissions was preventing administrators from setting individual user permissions to a value of none.

  • An ideas portal issue was causing timestamps on comments to be loaded in UTC time instead of the user's local time.

  • In some instances, users were receiving an error from the Aha! API when they tried to interact with a to-do that was part of a business model.