September 29, 2017 release notes


  • A new release selection dropdown has been added to the feature roadmap report allowing users to search releases by product or release name and select groups of releases at the product level. Previously users had to scroll through all product releases they had permission to view to make the selection. This update allows users with a large number of products and releases to locate and select their releases more efficiently.

  • Error messaging has been improved for import failures due to email validation. These messaging improvements provide more clear wording so users can identify the primary reason for errors when adding idea portal users or Aha! users from a CSV import.

  • Pivot table performance enhancements have been added to speed up the load time of pivot reports.

  • Master feature has been added as an additional field parameter value for features allowing users to retrieve the linked parent master features when requesting features via API.


  • Sort settings on list reports were not displaying saved sort selections from custom field columns in some cases.

  • Feature tags were displaying multiple times in pivot tables in some cases.

  • Pivot reports were not displaying all relationships between data objects in some cases. They were only displaying a cell record once even though it was related to multiple data objects.

  • Saved custom roadmap views were displaying an error on load in some cases.

  • Competitor placement on the matrix view was not matching the threat scorecard in some cases.

  • Custom fields with many characters were throwing an error when added pivot tables in some cases.