May 12, 2017 release notes


  • Master releases are now available via the API.

  • Related data columns can now be added to the hierarchy report.

  • The record ID is now available as a column for reporting for all data elements. This allows users to export the ID in a list report to CSV instead of only being able to access the ID through the API or URL. This is particularly valuable since the ID is required to import updates to existing records in Aha!.

  • Billing administrators in Enterprise+ accounts can now track and manage Aha! licenses by creating paid seat groups and allocating users to those groups. This allows billing administrators to see the number of paid seats assigned and available for specific teams.


  • The list of products can now be searched and selected in bulk when choosing where to create sub-releases for a new master release.

  • Custom predefined choice list values can now be replaced by a different existing choice. To replace a value, click on the "Manage choices" hyperlink when editing the custom predefined choice list field. You will be directed to a Configure options page where you can either rename the value or replace it with another existing choice from the list. Additionally, custom predefined choice list values can now be hidden. This allows users to maintain the value for reporting purposes but prevents it from being a choice moving forward.

  • Idea portal users can now be searched by email via the API.


  • Text alignment formatting set in component descriptions was not displayed correctly in the business model view.

  • Tag count was not displaying correctly on tag configuration settings.

  • Master feature custom terminology was not displayed in filter field selection.

  • Goal and initiative links were not carried over when a feature was promoted to a master feature

  • Predefined choice list fields set as required on the idea portal form were not being validated.

  • Feature board related views were displaying non-active releases.

  • Custom date fields were displaying NaN if the field was selected and then closed without picking a date.

  • Notebook branding was not referencing the primary background color set in custom branding settings.

  • FogBugz integration was not working for custom domains in subdirectories.

  • Rally integration was not creating or updating custom Rally portfolio item records in some circumstances.