January 27, 2017 release notes


  • The Starter Roadmap view launched this week as part of a larger family of roadmaps providing an easy way to build beautiful visual roadmaps in minutes for any audience. You can quickly get started creating goals, initiatives, releases, and features by simply dragging them onto your Starter roadmap. Customize what is shown, create desired data relationships and craft the perfect roadmap view to share with the team. Things to know about this new roadmap builder option are as follows:

    • The Starter roadmap is not just another simple roadmap drawing tool. As you drag and drop bars, you are also creating and linking real product data in your account to unlock even more visualizations and roadmaps.

    • You can choose to create new content or use existing content when assembling your roadmap.

    • In addition to being able to quickly add data to a roadmap with this screen, you can click into the details for everything you add to fully flesh out descriptions, scores, attachments and anything else you would normally add to the data in Aha!

    • Read the Create a starter roadmap support article for a complete overview of how it works, understanding data relationships that are created, and other configuration options.

  • The Starter roadmap launch prompted a closer look at the overall navigation and it became clear that we could provide a more intuitive experience by unifying the report capabilities under the hood of a single Reports tab. You will now find all of your Roadmaps, Analytics and Notebooks in the Reports tab, allowing you to report on everything product management and securely share it with your teams. We also changed the style of the top-level navigation so all sub-navigation is now delivered via a dropdown menu to provide you with one-click access to every part of the application. Here's a summary of the changes made:

    • Simplified top level navigation

    • Sub-navigation is now accessed via a drop down menu for all sections

    • Unified Reports dropdown now includes access to all Roadmaps, Analytics (formerly known as Reports), and Notebooks

      • All roadmaps can now be found in a single place including the Starter, Portfolio, Strategy, Releases, Features, and Custom (formerly known as the Timeline Report)

      • The Strategy Diagram has been moved into the Analytics tab

      • Notebooks continue to be the place to securely share your roadmaps and data to your audience.

    • Strategy has been regrouped into 3 core sections with one click access to any view


  • The Aha! color picker used for selecting colors for products, initiatives, statuses, and more has been updated so you can now pick a custom color from any image or website as long as the browser being used supports the HTML5 color picker. If HTML5 is not supported for your browser of choice, then you'll continue to use the built-in color picker.


  • Publishing Report - Pivot views containing images was resulting in visibility and scrolling issues when published to a Notebook as a web page. This has been corrected.