February 3, 2017 release notes


  • Idea portal administrators now have the ability to set the number of votes allocated to each user and how many votes can be applied to any one idea. This provides added flexibility for how companies want to administer idea portals with their user community and encourages people to think deeply about what matters most to them. This enhancement clearly mattered to many of you as it was one of the most popular ideas in our own ideas portal. Here's what you need to know about the implementation of this new idea quota system:

    • These new idea portal settings are found in the Settings - Account - Configure idea portals - [choose your portal] - Settings tab and require Administrator Customizations permission to access.

    • The administrator has the ability to customize voting options per user on idea portals in the following ways:

      • Number of votes allocated

      • Number of votes that can be applied to any one idea

      • Override limits for specific portal users

    • Users are given votes back when an idea they voted on is shipped

    • Note: It is possible to apply vote limits on existing portals -- users that have already cast votes exceeding the defined limit will be blocked from voting until they unvote other ideas.


  • The JIRA integration has been updated to now allow for the separate configuration of custom field mapping at the requirement level. The Requirement field mapping is identical in set up to Feature field mapping and supports a two way sync for the same JIRA custom field types.

  • Previously, if the owner of a Notebook left the company and their user was disabled, the Notebook could no longer be used or accessed. To prevent this from happening, there is a new tab called All Notebooks in the Reports - [NOTEBOOKS] Overview page available to users with either product owner or contributor permissions that also have Administrator Account permissions. Hovering over a Notebook in this tab will display a Take Over button that will allow for transferring of ownership to an active user which will re-enable orphaned Notebooks.

  • Requirement titles are now hyperlinks in feature email notifications providing one click access to requirement details.

  • The API has been updated to now include a created_since and created_before search parameter as a means of searching for ideas created after or before a certain time.


  • Text was not wrapping properly in To-do description boxes in certain cases. This behavior has been fixed.

  • An edge case where terminology customizations were not being reflected properly in the the Add New Column modal for reports has been corrected.

  • Users were unable to upload .gif files as attachments. This has been addressed