February 24, 2017 release notes


  • The Strategy - Business Model page now comes with a more comprehensive template and the ability to completely customize the template to make it your own. Highlights of the improved Business Model include the following:

    • A template consisting of the following foundational elements: concept description, key objectives, customer targets, customer challenges, solution, value, pricing, messaging, go-to-market, investment required, and growth opportunity

    • Update the layout and rearrange sections via drag and drop

    • Determine which components to show and hide when sharing your business model

  • The following Reports - Starter roadmap improvements were rolled out:

    • The sidebar containing the Create new and Use existing tabs now contains the option to expand or collapse the panel

    • Performance improvements for roadmaps containing large amounts of data

    • Dragging goals between products will no longer move child items such as initiatives and releases

  • The text editor used throughout the application was updated to introduce some general usability improvements and bug fixes with the two most notable issues resolved being as follows:

    • Pasting text that sometimes resulted in the display of double bullets

    • Losing your place as the page would sometimes jump when pasting content

  • Features in the Reports - Features roadmap view now display in the same sort order as they appear on the Features - Board view which represents their prioritization rank order. The sort order was previously based on status first then feature rank.

  • When issues from JIRA are first imported -- either through the Import from JIRA utility or an auto-import process via one of the parent-child relationships -- the Feature logged effort column is now updated for the created features to reflect work that has been logged for that issue in JIRA prior to the import. This will result in the Feature remaining effort reporting column being accurate from the start.

  • The product selector dropdown in the Create a new Aha! idea modal in Zendesk now displays the list of available products to choose from in alphabetical order. They were previously displayed based on their creation date.

  • A few improvements were made to the activity stream for logging the following user related changes:

    • Deactivating or activating users

    • Changes to user product permissions

  • The Redmine integration allows for setting a default priority for newly created issues originating from Aha! Once the issues are created, however, Aha! will no longer overwrite priority updates made in Redmine to those linked issues.

  • Users with product owner or contributor permissions and Administrator Account permissions can now delete old notebooks created by other users in a single step on the All Notebooks tab in the Reports - [NOTEBOOKS] Overview page. Previously, you were required to first Take Over the notebook before being allowed to delete it.

  • The REST API has been updated to allow for setting the created_by_user for features.


  • Adding an attachment to a feature that is linked to a JIRA issue is supposed to trigger an auto sync update of adding the attachment to JIRA. This was not occurring and has been corrected.

  • Searches were not being performed against custom field values for requirements. This has been fixed.

  • A Notebook rendering issue impacting the display of certain pages -- most commonly those containing timelines -- has been fixed.

  • The new text editor update rolled out earlier in the week required fixes for an issue with entering partial @mentions and a misplaced location of the full screen button in the comments editor.