August 25, 2017 release notes


  • Idea portal usernames can now be hidden from the portal to provide anonymity for portal users. This allows portal users to create, vote and comment on ideas while keeping their personal information private within the portal. Aha! users viewing the idea within Aha! can still see full details on who submitted the idea, so product teams will not lose visibility into where requests came from.

    • To enable private idea portal user names, navigate to Settings Account Configure ideas portals. Select the portal you want to update and then select the checkbox next to Hide portal user names.


  • Users with multiple accounts tied to their email can now switch accounts by right clicking the account name from the user profile image dropdown menu and opening in a new tab.

  • Salesforce integration host URLs are now validated to ensure they are supported.

  • Email notification settings for watched records are now defaulted to Hourly for new users so they are not overwhelmed with instant email updates.


  • Comment notification emails were being sent to disabled account users if they had previously subscribed to that comment thread.

  • Previous versions of notebooks referencing existing reports would not load in the notebook view in some cases.

  • Moving initiatives with a large number of related features to a different product was timing out in some cases.

  • Pivot table column headers were not displaying correctly in some browsers when viewing pivot table reports in notebook pages.

  • Advanced sorting on the assignee, owner, or user type fields for pivot reports was alphabetizing by user ID instead of user name.

  • Ideas could not be linked to Salesforce opportunities and would display an error if the opportunity value was over a certain dollar amount.

  • Notes linked with to-do's were not opening when clicked through from the My Work to-do related record link.

  • Edits made to JIRA integration mapped custom fields were not sending to JIRA automatically or independently. They were only getting triggered if another edit was made to the record or if users manually sent the update made to JIRA.

  • Idea record detail drawer would get locked on the Ideas Overview screen and could not be dismissed without refreshing the page in some cases.

  • Records without dates were not being filtered out of custom roadmap views displaying blank rows in some cases.

  • Start and due date field selections on features were not displaying correctly when features were added to release phases in some cases.

  • Pivot calculations requiring division by zero would display an error when viewed as a chart.

  • Headers for lists and pivot tables could not horizontally scroll in some browsers.

  • Changes made to custom fields were not displaying the selected values in the record history.