April 28, 2017 release notes


  • Reports now provide "Feature month" and "Feature quarter" column options for due dates on features and master features. These columns are automatically populated based on the month and quarter of the feature due date.


  • Attachments on public idea comments can now be added and can then be accessed via API.

  • Account level tag management now includes the ability to search for tags by name.

  • Styling for hyperlinks in notes fields is now clearly differentiated from underlined text.

  • Tooltip on signup now displays password requirements.

  • "To-do created at" is now an available column when reporting on to-dos.

  • Archived initiatives are no longer listed with active initiatives when selecting values for initiative name filters.

  • Github integration now includes an Aha! link for easy navigation to the related data object in Aha! from Github.


  • Tags were not carried over to master features when promoted from features.

  • Custom fields were not visible in the customize feature card layout window in some cases.

  • Master feature card layouts were only showing custom fields available for feature card layouts.

  • Header links in reminder notification emails were not directing to Aha! homepage.

  • Custom footers were not displaying in notebook web views.

  • Ideas promoted to master features were not being marked as complete when the linked master feature was shipped.

  • An additional save button was appearing when edits were made to a previously saved Diagram report.