April 21, 2017 release notes


  • Master feature start date and due date can now be inherited from child features. The dates default to "Manual estimate" but can be changed to "Calculated from features" which will change the master feature dates to calculate from the start and due dates of the linked child features.

  • Custom table custom fields can now be added as columns for reporting from objects with Master-detail relationships to the custom table data objects.

  • Copying a feature card now copies the to-do records associated with that feature. The to-do name, description, assignee, and attachments will be kept when copied over, but the due date, status, and comments will be blank so they can be added specific to the new record.


  • The list of idea portal users now filters to users of the specific portals the idea is available for view in when updating the idea creator field.

  • Existing features without start or end dates added to the starter roadmap now inherit an end date from the end date of their release, and get a start date of 14 days prior.

  • Product settings for terminology and navigation customizations now inherit from the parent product line by default but can be changed.


  • Master feature card rank updates were not saving in some cases.

  • Releases containing master features could be deleted.

  • The placeholder text for idea portal fields was not displaying correctly.

  • Special characters in notification email subjects were not displaying correctly.

  • Charts created from a pivot table with a single row were displaying an incomplete legend when no legend was required.

  • Search was not supporting the use of colons or ampersands.