October 28, 2016 release notes


  • Akismet spam filtering has been rolled out for monitoring public idea portals and submit only portals. Each new idea and comment will be sent to Akismet to have the item scored as ham or spam. This is using an Aha! Akismet account so there is no need to sign up separately. Key aspects of the implementation are as follows:

    • This is an opt-in feature that is turned off by default. Go to Settings - Account - Configure idea portals page. Select a public or submit only portal and scroll to the bottom of the Settings tab where you'll find the Enable idea spam filter checkbox.

    • Both ideas and idea comments visible in public portals can be marked as spam from within the portal by Aha! users and within the application. From within the application, the Mark as spam button is found in the idea drawer Actions menu and within the comment.

    • All ideas and idea comments marked as spam can be reviewed in a new Spam folder tab on the Settings - Account - Configure idea portals page. Users can choose to permanently Delete each record or mark them as Not spam.

    • Items marked as spam are hidden in the following pages:

    • All records flagged as spam will automatically be deleted 30 days after it is created.


  • The Rally integration has been updated to now include two way integration between Aha! and Rally for feature tags. Updates to tags in either Aha! or Rally will automatically update the corresponding features in the other tool helping product and engineering teams to communicate on what is important. To enable, go to your Rally integration configuration page found in Settings - Product - Integrations and click on the Send tags checkbox. If you are enabling this new integration setting for an existing Rally integration there are a few additional steps to ensure Aha! and Rally are in sync before you enable the feature. It is important to review this to ensure you don't inadvertently delete existing tags.

  • Filtering has undergone some changes providing for improved cascading of filter values for specific data relationships. This update negates the need to perform a refresh in order to see the impact that one filter update has on another filter's set of valid values. An update of one will now dynamically update the filtering options for the second for the following three relationships:

    • Product name and Release name

    • Product name and related workflow statuses

    • Release name and Release phase name

  • The Settings - Account - Users table was recently updated with user management improvements including the ability to filter the user table by both Product name and User role. The initial rollout of these new filtering options used OR logic when selecting values for both the Product name and User role. The logic has been updated based on customer feedback to instead use AND logic between the the two. When selecting more than one product, OR logic will be applied between the different product and user role pairings. A couple of examples with the new logic follow:

    • If you select a Product name = Fredwin Cycling and a User role = Product owner, the table will update to include all users with access to Fredwin Cycling that have a user role of product owner.

    • If you select both Fredwin Cycling and Fredwin Running for your products and Product owner and Contributor for user role filters, it will return all users that are Product owners or Contributors for Fredwin Cyling OR Product owners or Contributors for Fredwin Running.

  • The Many to many relationship custom field used in conjunction with custom tables has a new setting called Record visibility used to determine which records will be visible for selection in the drop-down list. Options include:

    • Entire account: will display all records in the account, limited only by user permissions.

    • Product and parent product lines only: will only display records that are in the current product and its parent product lines.

  • If you have your idea portal configured so that no idea statuses are visible in the portal, then the Filter By Status title will also be removed.

  • The Welcome Center aids with the getting started experience for new users added to a paid account. Until now, if the Fredwin demo product did not exist in the account, it was automatically created and new users were automatically assigned permission. If the demo product could not be created, the user was assigned permission to a random product. The behavior has been changed as follows:

    • The Demo product will no longer be automatically created when a user accesses the Welcome Center for the first time. They will also no longer be assigned permissions to a random product in support of walking through the Welcome Center tours.

    • The tours will now work on whatever product the user has access to. If the user has no permissions to any products, they won't see the tour and will instead receive the error message when they log in that they currently do not have permissions to access products in their account.


  • The Release workflow statuses in filters were not updating appropriately based on chosen product filters. This has been corrected.

  • Parking lot releases were not containing Release custom fields assigned to Release custom fields layout screens. This has been corrected.