May 27, 2016 release notes


  • You can now quickly add requirements and to-dos using an in-line creator and keyboard shortcuts. Simply type your requirement or to-do summary and tap the keyboard Enter key to quickly add another or click Done when you are finished.

  • The new timeline control recently launched with the Features - Roadmap view has now been deployed on the Strategy - Roadmap, Releases - Roadmap, and Reports - Timeline views. Specify the timeline start and end dates for the display along with the desired time scale of days, weeks, months, quarters, or automatic.

  • Aha! will now use the JIRA Agile API to rank issues within JIRA when they are first created. Aha! will use other issues already linked between Aha! and JIRA to determine the rank order for where the newly created issue should be placed in the Agile Board. The ranking in JIRA will only be performed when the issue is first created by Aha! Changes to the rank in JIRA, or changes to the rank in Aha! will not be reflected in the other system.

  • New date filters supporting rolling and forward looking time frames have been added to the dropdown window of options when using the custom radio button. The new filter options include the following:

    • Today

    • Next week

    • Next month

    • Next quarter

  • Products will now automatically be sorted in alphabetical order in the dropdown selection window when choosing the product for submitting an idea in an ideas portal.

  • The idea reporting table has been updated to include three new columns that can be added to reports - Last idea private comment, Last idea public comment, and Idea admin response.

  • The Portal title found on Settings - Account - Configure idea portals - choose portal - Settings is now displayed as the browser tab name for the ideas portal. This provides more flexibility for controlling what is displayed in the browser tab.

  • You can now add content on the Product - Overview page to notebooks.

  • Goal custom field values can now be imported through the Import from CSV utility.

  • The Related features reporting column has been updated to now include both the Feature reference # as well as the Feature name.

  • Feature based reports showing time tracking event columns are no longer restricted to displaying only those features with time tracking information. All features will now be displayed including those that have not had any work done on them. This update also makes it possible to sort by the Work done column.

  • New users added to an account will automatically inherit the SSO identity provider login setting when SSO is setup for an account. This will result in those new users only being able to login via SSO unless they are manually switched to password.


  • Custom fields inherited from a product line are now editable in the Ideas - List view bulk edit page. This was previously restricted to only custom fields created at the product level.

  • Sorting on multiple columns in a report has been updated to always display rows with data in them before blank rows in a column where a sort order is applied. Prior behavior on multi-column sorts was resulting in undesirable results.

  • When entering a duration value for an estimate without a unit of measure, Aha! will default to days. For example, a value of "3" becomes "3d". However, if a decimal is entered such as "3.5", it currently defaults to "3.5s" for seconds instead of days. This has been changed so it will always default to days for estimates without a unit of measure regardless of whether the estimate contains a decimal value or not.

  • The sample score for scorecards in Settings - Account - Configure scorecards was being incorrectly calculated immediately after adding a new metric. This has been corrected.

  • Creating a custom scorecard metric without entering sequence values for the metric would result in a Sorry Fred error page upon returning to the scorecard. This has been corrected.