December 29, 2016 release notes


  • Aha! became a whole lot more customizable this week with the ability to create custom fields for every record. Just as you can already create personas and then use a personas custom field type to link them to different data records, you can now create custom fields for every record including products, goals, initiatives, competitors, personas, releases, features, and ideas. Each of these are listed as new custom field types in Settings - Account - Custom fields and are grouped together under the Aha! record relationships section. This provides unprecedented flexibility with the data model to capture and link product information everywhere.

    • Important implementation details include the following:

      • Record custom fields can be added on any standard record as well as custom tables.

      • The custom field is a tag type field which allows for multiple selections.

      • You can specify whether the values in the drop-down choice list should span the entire account or be isolated to a specific product line or product in the Filter field values to dropdown found in the Create custom field modal. Note: Available records will be restricted based on user product permissions regardless of the filter option chosen.

    • Example use cases include the following:

      • Associate specific ideas to strategic goals and initiatives to promote those ideas that are most relevant to your strategic vision.

      • Link a release to the persona that it serves to communicate who the key targets are.

      • Identify and communicate which features and ideas will impact specific competitors.


  • The implementation of universal dependencies which allows for creating and visualizing relationships between the various data objects has been updated to include the ability to link initiatives, releases, release phases, and features to goals in the Link record modal for each of these records.

  • Updates have been made to the idea portal user interface so that important functions such as search are more mobile device friendly.

  • The time frame field is now appended to goals and initiatives in dropdown menus for improved clarity when there are a number of similar records.

  • Product prefixes have been removed from sub-headings displayed in the Reports - Hierarchy view as the prefix is often non-value add and confusing for consumers of this report.

  • To-do assignees are now sorted alphabetically for user experience consistency when more than one assignee is selected.


  • Displaying the requirement status field in a pivot report would sometimes be misaligned relative to the corresponding requirement displayed next to it. This has been corrected.

  • The Copy a release feature which includes release phases, release milestones, features, dependencies, and to-dos was not copying features in the same rank order in the new release. This has been corrected.