August 19, 2016 release notes


  • Our latest update provides the ability to set Watchers on strategic elements allowing interested members of the product team the ability to follow along and participate in the creation and updating of the strategy. Just like existing Watcher functionality in the rest of the application, email notifications are automatically sent 30 minutes after updates are made but users also have the option to expedite notifications or not send at all. Watchers can be set on the following strategy elements:


  • Customizing a feature card to display a custom table link would result in displaying nothing on the feature card. This has been resolved so that custom table field links will now appear on feature cards for the many to-many relationship type fields. Master-detail relationship type fields do not make sense to display and are not available as an option.

  • When auto-importing from JIRA and Aha! features are mapped to JIRA epics, the integration can be configured to create new requirements for issues which are linked to an epic regardless of issue type. However, it wasn't working the same way when doing an Import from JIRA where issue sub-types linked to an epic were being imported as features instead of requirements. The has been corrected so that the Import from JIRA now works the same as the auto-import functionality for updates made in JIRA.