Aha! Ideas | Integrate with Zapier

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to connect all of your web services together using a simple interface. You can do so much more with Aha! Ideas by connecting it to the other apps you love via our Zapier integration. It will allow you to connect the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.

The Aha! integration page on Zapier

This integration is very useful for easily creating triggers and actions in the form of Zaps between Aha! Ideas and other applications who have also integrated with Zapier. Best of all, there is no coding experience required to set up your own Zaps.

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Integration type

  • One-way

  • Two-way

Note: Since Zapier connects third-party applications to each other, this is a highly customizable integration.

Aha! Ideas level

  • Account level

  • Workspace level

Required user permissions: Configuration

Required user permissions: Use integration

Use cases

  • Use Zapier to create Aha! ideas

  • Send an Aha! Ideas activity stream to Zapier



The Aha! Ideas integration supports one trigger and one action.

  • Creating ideas in Aha! Ideas

  • Send the Aha! Ideas activity stream to another Zapier integrated application

To configure the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Zapier.

  2. Add your Aha! Ideas account as a connected account within Zapier.

  3. Start creating Zaps!


Use Aha! Ideas as a Zapier trigger

This will require adding a webhook provided by Zapier as an activity webhook.

  1. Take the webhook Zapier provides.

  2. Within Aha! Ideas, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace and click the + icon next to Integrations.

  3. To send an activity stream from Aha! Ideas to Zapier, select Activity webhook. This option requires a Hook URL and for you to select the Activities and Users that should flow to Zapier.

  4. Check the box to Enable the webhook.


Example Zaps

Create an Aha! idea from customer tweets

Create ideas when your customers on Twitter mention functionality they wish they had access to.

  1. Set the Twitter trigger to be Search mention, with a search term such as "@company_username wish" or "@company_username need."

  2. Set the Aha! action to be Create Idea.

  3. Connect a Twitter account and your Aha! Ideas account.

Result: Whenever a user on Twitter mentions your company and text indicating they have an idea, an idea will be created in your Aha! Ideas account.

Idea submission via Typeform entries

Create ideas in Aha! Ideas directly from Typeform suggestions.

  1. Set the Typeform trigger to be New Entry.

  2. Set the Aha! action to be Create Idea.

Result: Whenever a new suggestion comes to Typeform, a new idea will be created in your Aha! Ideas account.


If you get stuck, please reach out to our Customer Success team. Our team is made up entirely of product experts and responds fast.