Aha! Ideas | How to add a filter to your ideas portal

Your ideas portal is the perfect place for your customers to submit feedback. When a portal user has an idea to submit, they may want to see if a similar idea already exists so they can add their own perspective or know to submit a new request. You can make this easy for them. Add a custom field filter to your ideas portal — so portal users can narrow in on the requests that matter most to them.

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Decide which custom field to use

Let's imagine our product team wants to give our portal users the option to filter ideas by device type in addition to category in our ideas portal. We think this will provide a better experience for our portal users and will help us reduce duplicate ideas. We capture which device customers use in a custom field, so we will add a filter for that custom field to our ideas portal.

You can add a filter to your ideas portal for any predefined choice or tag field you have added to your ideas layout. When you add a filter to your ideas portal, portal users can use both the category filter and your custom field filter simultaneously — but they can only select one option from each filter type. Your portal will display up to 20 choices or tags from your field.

account settings with a window open to edit a predefined choice field


Enable custom field filter

Adding a custom field filter is simple. The first thing we need to do is enable the filter. If you are following along:

  • From your portal settings, navigate to Layout Filters.

  • In the Custom filter section, select the custom field that you would like to use as a filter from the dropdown.

We capture which device portal users are using through a dynamic idea submission form, so we are selecting the What device do you use? field to use as our filter. This field is a predefined choice list.

Dynamic forms are included in the Ideas Advanced plan and enable you to create multi-step forms with conditional rules, creating a personalized experience for portal users as they submit their feedback.

Ideas portal settings open to custom filter settings


Update terminology

The custom field we are using will be more clear to portal users if we rephrase it, so we are going to update the terminology for our filter. To change terminology:

  • From your portal settings, navigate to Terminology.

  • Next to the custom field you are using, add the text you want to appear in its place. Whatever you add here will take place of the filter text and will appear after the words Filter by in your ideas portal.

We have renamed our custom field Device, so our portal will display "Filter by Device" instead of "What filter do you use?".

ideas portal settings open to the terminology tab


Visit your ideas portal

Now that we have added our filter and updated terminology for it, we can try it out! Navigate to your ideas portal to see the new filter you just added.

an ideas portal with custom filters added for device

With our filter in place, portals users can filter both by category and device simultaneously or use the filter independently of categories. We expect this will make it easier for them to find ideas that apply to them, and reduce the number of duplicate ideas we receive.