Aha! Develop Advanced plan required. Contact us if you want a demo, or to try using this in your account. No salespeople here at Aha! — just product experts.

Aha! Develop | SAML 2.0 (Advanced plan)

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users of your Aha! Develop account to log in using your existing SAML-enabled ID provider, such as Active Directory, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Okta, and many more.

For accounts that already have local users, you can switch them to SAML or keep them the same.

You can configure SSO for account access and access to shared webpages. Because many customers have different needs for individual access but use SSO to keep access secure, you will need to set up separate SSO configurations for your account and external sharing.

If you get stuck, please reach out to our Customer Success team. Our team is made up entirely of product experts and responds fast.