January 20, 2023 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps

You now have several new ways to bring whiteboards and roadmaps together. Convert items on your whiteboard into features, epics, and initiatives and add Aha! views — such as roadmaps and reports — to whiteboards.

Whiteboard element being converted to a feature.


All Aha! accounts

  • Shared reports can now include clickable links. For example, a calculation column may link a viewer to the idea in an ideas portal.

  • The record drawer will no longer close when you switch focus to a different browser window.

  • We have strengthened new password requirements to 12 characters with stronger complexity.

Aha! Ideas (Advanced plan)

  • If you have multiple active polls in your ideas portal, you can now customize the order that they appear on your polls page.


  • We have repaired an issue that was preventing color from being changed more than once on in-app widgets.