Aha! Whiteboards | Embed whiteboards in Aha! records

If you have added Aha! Roadmaps to your Aha! Whiteboards account, you can use whiteboards to help articulate the exact challenge that you are trying to solve.

Features board with drawer open in front of it and whiteboard embedded in a feature description.

Use whiteboards in a number places across Aha! Roadmaps. You can add a whiteboard within the description field of any record (except for ideas) or within a note. This enables you to bring visual thinking into all aspects of your work — from conveying a new user flow to brainstorming ideas in a meeting.

  • While editing a record description, click + on the text editor toolbar and select Whiteboard. A new whiteboard will be added below your cursor.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the whiteboard.

  • When you are finished editing the whiteboard, click the X to exit and return to editing your note or record description.

  • To remove an embedded whiteboard, click the trash can icon and click to confirm that you would like to delete it.