Aha! Whiteboards | Templates

Choose from a rich library of nearly 100 guided whiteboard templates — handcrafted by product development experts — to showcase your best thinking.

Each template includes relevant best practices and a pre-filled example, and you can always modify them to fit your own needs. With the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan, you can also create your own custom templates and share them across teams.

Whiteboard template library modal

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Access the template library

Click Add and select Use a template to open the template gallery. Templates will be listed alphabetically, but you can use search if you are looking for a specific template. Use the Categories listed on the left side of your template library to find templates to support a specific stage of the product development lifecycle.

Click a template to open its details. From here, you can click Use template to start using it instantly or See details to view detailed guidance on the template.


Choose the right template for your needs

Explore the categories in your template library to find the right template for your needs, and check out the examples for inspiration:


Build better cross-functional processes and workflows. Use templates in the Teamwork category to drive alignment, stay organized, and foster productive collaborative sessions.

brainstorming session whiteboard template

Get started: Use the sprint retrospective whiteboard template to structure your meeting discussion, encourage team engagement, and document important action items.



Start with why — define your strategic vision. Use templates in the Strategize category to define what you want to achieve.

SWOT analysis template library

Get started: Use the business model whiteboard template to explore foundational questions about your business and refine your product strategy.



You are constantly gathering new data and insights into your work that you need ready at hand. Organize your research so that it is easier to digest. Use templates in the Research category to better understand customer and market needs.

Pros and cons whiteboard template

Get started: Use the pros and cons whiteboard template to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of any approach — for improved clarity and decision-making.



Start your next collaborative session with structure and inspiration. Use templates in the Ideate category to spark your next great product innovation.

Brainstorming session whiteboard with multiple users.

Get started: Use the brainstorming session whiteboard template to bring the team together to brainstorm ideas and identify the best solutions.



Visualize your early-stage plans. Use templates in the Roadmap category to create a map where you are headed what will get you there.

strategic roadmaps whiteboard template

Get started: Use the strategic roadmap whiteboard template to visualize high-level initiatives and communicate your product direction, key investment areas, and timelines for major bodies of work.



Standardize the way you structure your planning documents and you will always have a clear playbook. Use templates in the Plan category help you provide clarity and foster alignment for your entire organization around initiatives and launches.

Monthly calendar whiteboards template

Get started: Use the monthly calendar to define your content calendar — so you can track your customer communication and provide the perfect amount of outreach.



Mock up new user experiences. From early concepts to realistic designs, use 25+ configurable wireframe components to bring product concepts to life and engage key design and development stakeholders.

A whiteboard with a wireframe and the shapes menu opened to wireframe components

Wireframes are included in the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan. Please contact us if you would like a live demo or want to try using it in your account.



Build and deliver a winning product. Use templates in the Develop category to align your team on the best way to define and complete work, foster productive planning sessions, and more.

Sprint planning whiteboard template

Get started: Use the SAFe® sprint planning whiteboard template to help teams in the agile release train (ART) create an achievable sprint plan.



Prepare for a successful SAFe® PI planning session. Use templates in the SAFe® category to ensure everything organized correctly and captured as a clear actionable plan — so that everyone in the agile release train is aligned.

Program board whiteboard template.

Get started: Use the PI board template to gain alignment on what needs to be accomplished during the next program increment.


Create custom templates (Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan)

The template library is vast — but it might not cover your particular use case. For customers on the Whiteboards Advanced plan, you can:

  • Design your own custom template and add it to the template library in your Aha! account, so contributors to your workspace have access to a pre-built visualization that covers your business needs. Add them to a workspace line and every child workspace will inherit them.

  • Create a personal custom template, so that you can address critical workflows with the same framework.

Read more about creating custom whiteboard templates.