This article refers to releases and features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see "schedules" and “activities" in your workspace.

Aha! Roadmaps | Use the mobile app

With the Aha! Roadmaps mobile app, you have the power of collaboration and strategy in the palm of your hand.

Search, edit, or create any Aha! Roadmaps record from goals and initiatives to releases, features, and ideas.

  • Collaborate with your team members in real time by assigning records, adding comments, or capturing important ideas and features as they come up.

  • And, of course, track work assigned to you through the My work page.

This overview article will walk you through Aha! Roadmaps mobile. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Download and install Aha! Roadmaps mobile

If you haven't already, download the Aha! Roadmaps mobile app and sign in with your Aha! Roadmaps account. If you use two-factor authentication or single sign-on, you will be presented with the same authentication you see when logging in to Aha! Roadmaps through a web browser.

Once logged in, you can use the app to perform many actions, such as viewing work assigned to you and creating or editing records. If you click a link to an Aha! Roadmaps record while on your mobile device, the record will automatically open up in the Aha! Roadmaps mobile app.

Search for records

Global search allows you to quickly locate information across your Aha! Roadmaps account. There is a search field available under the menu drawer as well as record-specific search on the record list pages.

View and edit records

Aha! Roadmaps mobile enables users to view and edit their plans when they are away from the computer. You can assign records, update statuses, add comments, add emoji reactions, and edit record details all from your mobile device. You can also assign goals to initiatives (and vice versa). Just find the record you wish to edit, open it up, and edit away!

Create records

In addition to editing records, creating new records on Aha! Roadmaps mobile is easy. Clicking the + icon will allow you to create a new record for your currently selected record type from the menu.

Aha! Roadmaps mobile supports creating new goals, initiatives, epics, features, ideas, and to-dos.

Adding attachments to your records

To attach files to records in Aha! Roadmaps mobile, select attachments in the record details. If you are adding the record's first attachment, select the Add attachment button. If you are adding additional attachments, select the white plus icon in the upper-right side of your screen.

From here, you can upload existing photos or documents on your device, or you can use your smart phone's camera to take a picture and upload it to the record. You may have to grant Aha! Roadmaps mobile access to your photos, documents or camera the first time you do this.

Manage your work

The home page of Aha! Roadmaps mobile is the My work page. This page allows Aha! Roadmaps users to easily access any work item that is currently assigned to them. Simply tap a record to open up the details and dive into your product planning when away from your computer.

Switch workspaces

Managing multiple workspaces? You can easily navigate between workspaces by clicking the menu icon and then clicking the workspace drop down at the top of the page. This will present your full workspace hierarchy including every workspace and workspace line you have access to. For teams with large hierarchies, there is also a search option to make finding your specific workspace easy.

For Aha! Roadmaps customers that belong to multiple accounts, you can switch between accounts by clicking Menu Settings. This will allow you to switch accounts the same as you would within Aha! Roadmaps on your computer.