Aha! Roadmaps | Move a linked record to another workspace

If you are using a 2.0 integration with Jira or Rally, you can freely move records between workspace if you have met the prerequisites. For all other integrations, this article describes the process for moving integrated records from one workspace to another.

Integrations between Aha! Roadmaps and your development system are configured on a per-workspace basis within Aha! Roadmaps.

As such, moving an integrated record between workspaces in Aha! Roadmaps requires that record to be re-integrated using the new workspace's integration. The previous integration link will be removed as soon as the feature is moved.

With 2.0 integrations, the process of re-integrating is simple. Every 2.0 integration has the ability to link to an existing record, which allows linking an existing record in Aha! Roadmaps to an existing record in your development system.

To use this ability, open an Aha! Roadmaps record, then click Link to existing record in the Integrations dropdown on the Overview tab, and then select the existing record in your development system.

Features board with feature drawer view open and highlight over the multiple active integrations.

Note: The record you are linking to will have to exist in an area within your development system that the new workspace's integration is configured for.

If you get stuck, please reach out to our Customer Success team. Our team is made up entirely of product experts and responds fast.