February 29, 2024 Pending Jira parent field deprecation

Atlassian has plans to deprecate two record links fields (Epic link and Parent link) and replace them with a new field, Parent. To ensure that your Jira integration continues to pull parent record relationships and associated data into your Aha! account, you may need to reload your integration configuration and update your mappings to the new field.

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What is changing?

In November 2021, Atlassian announced that they were planning to deprecate the Epic link and Parent link fields in REST APIs and webhooks. Those fields are being replaced with a standard Parent field. This will allow Atlassian to standardize linking fields across their products and services.


When is it changing?

The initial twelve-month deprecation period expired in November 2022, and Atlassian appears to be implementing a phased deprecation of these fields across existing Jira accounts. This means that your Jira Cloud account could be affected at any time.


Who is affected?

This deprecation affects Jira accounts that use the Epic link and Parent link fields in their Aha! Roadmaps integration configuration. The following Jira products are affected:

  • Jira Cloud accounts, both Classic and Next-Gen projects.


What happens if I do not update my integration configuration?

Atlassian has provided an automatic migration to the new Parent field in Jira projects, but that migration does not apply to integrations that rely on webhooks (like the Aha! Roadmaps integration).

When the deprecation rollout reaches your Jira account, the Epic link and/or Parent link fields will disappear from your Aha! Roadmaps integration configuration. Though the data in Jira will continue to function normally, you will not see those changes reflected in your Aha! account.


What do I need to do?

Fortunately, the fix is simple. Follow these steps regardless of whether the deprecation has affected your Jira account yet:

  • In Aha! Roadmaps, open your Jira integration configuration and click into the Mappings step.

  • At the bottom of the page, click to Reload your Jira integration configuration. This should pull in the new Parent field as an available record link mapping.

  • For each record type, click Field mapping and examine the Links to section of the mappings. You should see (Deprecated) beside any field that is no longer supported by Atlassian.

Jira integration configuration in Aha! Roadmaps showing a deprecated epic link field.
  • Replace any deprecated fields with the new Parent fields.

Jira integration configuration mappings step showing new parent field.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save and continue to save your changes.

Do you have more than one Jira integration? Integration templates are perfect for situations where you need to apply a single change to multiple integrations.


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